The Nok range is a zero wastage, a locally-made product from South Africa. Utilizing minimal material and 100% local services, Nok aims to be a better furniture alternative.

  • The Cafe by Nok - A Versatile, Locally-Made Table with Minimalist Design

    Cafe Side Table

    R860 Add to cart

    The Cafe is a unique and versatile table. It’s perfect as a feature in a living room but also fits in as a sturdy bedside table. Its strength is inherent in its simplicity of form.

  • Cross by NOK, Zero-Waste Locally-Made Geometric Table

    Cross Table

    R880 Add to cart

    A fun and exciting piece, Cross is built with the simplest combinations of pure geometries. The duality of the circle and the square gives you a wonderfully elegant table, perfect for any side.

  • Laptop Stand By NOK

    Laptop Stand

    R270 Add to cart

    Elevate your laptop to new heights with Nok’s stylish and locally-made laptop stand. Promote better posture and work comfortably anywhere with our eco-friendly solution.

  • Nok Range Luna

    Luna by NOK

    R1480 Add to cart

    Luna plays with solids and voids. The pure geometry of the circle and the square – the sphere and the cube. Luna is a perfect-sized table for either next to your bed or the couch.

  • The Lay Table by Nok - A Compact, Locally-Made Solution for Working from Anywhere. Shop now and add sustainability to your workspace

    The Lay Table

    R1100 Add to cart

    The Lay Table is a compact and lightweight solution for working from anywhere. Locally-made with zero wastage, it’s the perfect prop-up product for your remote working needs. Shop now and add functionality and sustainability to your workspace with Nok’s innovative furniture range.

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